John Deere LA 175 Hesitates When Starting


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John Deere LA 175 Hesitates When Starting


I've been having an ongoing problem with my John Deere LA 175 tractor starting right up when you turn the key. A few specifics: the tractor is 4 years old and I replaced the original battery two years ago. I just tuned the tractor up with new oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs, thinking one or more of these might be the problem. But it still hesitates before starting when turning the ignition key. It has a Briggs and Straton twin cylinder 44 engine that has 26 hp.

Checked the battery with ohm meter and reading was 12.70. The battery connections are clean and there don't seem to be any loose connections anywhere.

This is a momentary hesitation when first turning the key; then it kicks in. It does it whether the tractor is warm or cold, or whether it has been running a while or just you are just starting it up.

Would appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks.
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It sounds like it's time to adjust the valves... Roger
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Sounds like Roger is on his game, Here's a little help with accomplishing that task;

Good Luck
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Appreciate the suggestion and will give it a go. Thanks for the diagram and instructions.

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