Homelite String Trimmer Gas/Oil Mixture

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Homelite String Trimmer Gas/Oil Mixture

I have a Homelite string trimmer, probably about 20 years old. It works fine, but I've never been sure how to mix the gas and oil. I just go by trial and error. I was trying to look up the manual on it, but having no luck on the Homelite website. The serial number tag has UT 20611R on it, but the support site doesn't seem to recognize that as a model number. Any help with the right gas mixture would be greatly appreciated.
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16:1 is a safe mixture on older two strokes. Sixteen parts gas to one part oil.

That is not optimal performance, though. If you're just using it on occasion and want to get by this mixture will work. You will foul the plug every now and then. The harder you run it the less fouling occurs. You'll also have a little smoke from the exhaust. But the engine will have all the lubrication it needs providing the carb is set properly.

If you want to push the performance you can go to 32:1 or 40:1 and stop there. There's nothing magic about a definite ratio say 40:1 compared to 39:1. It's just easier to figure out how much gas to use to a given amount of oil.

If you go to the lighter oil mixes, use a good grade of oil, like the factory stuff or stihl two stroke. It's a little more expensive, but you won't use much over a gallon of mix a month in trimmer, unless you're commercial. Only mix it in quarts to avoid old fuel problems.

Set your high speed carb setting for max rpms at full throttle, then cut it back about a 1/16 turn to get a little richer mixture. That's for running the engine a little cooler and for lubrication. Never leave that setting at max rpms. The leaner mixtures get the higher revs but less power and are death on a two stroke.
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Go with 32:1 or leaner with a good quality oil. 40 or 50:1 would be okay if using a good synthetic oil.

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