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sergio caccese
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Hello TOM,
I have a quick cut saw (12in. blade).
i cleaned the air intake and filter, installed new spark plug, new gasoline mixture.
the saw starts, runs for 15 or 20 seconds and then stalls as if it were running out of gas.
it will restart no problem, but the saw stalls time after time. Need adivce.Thank You, Sergio.
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Fuel Starvation


Most likely the vent in the fuel cap is plugged. Try running the engine with the cap off or very loose and see if it corrects the problem.

If that cures the condition, either replace the fuel cap or attempt to locate the tiny hole and clear it. Do not enlarge. Just clear it. Enlarging it will do nothing but allow fuel to spill out will the engine is running.

Should this not correct the problem, it could be a restricted carb. Could be a restricted fuel flow or an overheated engine do to a lack of cooling air flow.

Might even be the ignition condenser overheating.

Run the tests and advise back using the reply button to keep the topic running.

Check the archives of the recent month for more info on this subject too.
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Check for a pinched fuel line or one with a hole, and/or
clogged fuel filter.
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Does it get used all year or does it come out of hibernation once a year? If it stays in hibernation, a fuel stabilizer is a must. Old unstable gas will varnish the carb and fuel lines. Restricting fuel flow. Take the carb off and totally clean it.

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