Honda Generator EB5000 No Electrical Output after sitting


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Honda Generator EB5000 No Electrical Output after sitting

I picked up a Honda EB5000 Generator that runs fine but has no electrical output after sitting since last summer from a friend that said it worked last time he ran it. Of course he can't find any books on this machine. It starts with one pull and runs great after a tune up and carb cleaning. After testing the output voltage (both 120/240v) and having no output, I have looked through the past forum posts and I have narrowed it down to the exciter maybe needing flashed. (yes I did make sure the power switch was in the on position for voltage output) I was gonna try to get it to work by running a drill plugged into it in reverse and spinning the drill by hand, but since I can't reset the GFCI receptacle I'm second guessing myself that maybe the receptacle might be bad. Anyone know if a GFCI can be reset without power being applied first to the line side? Anyone have any info on how to flash the exciter? Any help would be appreciated in this matter. Here are all the numbers and Info I can find on this machine.

Honda EB 5000
Model # EA7-3107957


Made by Sawafuji Electric Co. LTD
B 50
A PR 286

Hope all this info helps.
Rick H.
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You can view the owners manual here:

Most cases you can not reset a GFCI receptacle with no power present. This generator appears to have quite a few power outputs. Have you checked them all with a meter?
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Thanks for the reply and site info. Yes I have the same output on all power outlets, About 1.8 to 3 volts. The 120/240 v switch doesn't affect anything for output as far as I can tell for either line to ground on any of the power outlets of the generator.
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Have you checked the power output switch next to the 120..120/240 switch? Take the wires off it after taking note which wire goes where. Then use the ohms setting on your meter to check that the switch is working. I see by the manual that there are several circuit breakers. Have you pressed and released them several times to see that they work? The manual also states if any outlet has problems all power will be shut off via control board. Maybe you could try removing all wires from all but 1 plug and see if maybe it would work by itself. That is unless you leave the bad one wired up! These are the things I would try before exciting the thing.
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Sorry it to so long to get back. Yes I have checked out the power output switch and it is working fine, as well as the circuit breakers also. I tried removing all the other plugs and leaving just 1 and still didn't get it to work. Then I tried another plug and still no go. I think that I'm down to the exciter and flashing that or I have a bad exciter.

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