Craftsman tiller won't run


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Craftsman tiller won't run

My neighbor brought me his Craftsman tiller that is 8 years old and had been used twice since new. It hasn't been used in 3 years. Of course it still had the gas in it which had turned a nice shade of brown. It did start up to my surprise. As long as I kept the choke on, it ran pretty good. I decided to pull the carb and give it a good soaking and ran wire through the passages. Put it back on and not much better. It was nasty inside. Decided not to fight it and bought a new correct number matching carburetor. Put it on today and it is surging like crazy if I try to run it without the choke. It does have new gas in it, a new plug and clean filter. Gas flows freely to the carb from the tank. Am I missing something? Or do I just need to adjust the new carburetor? It starts right up as long as choke is on. If I try to move the choke off, it dies very quick.

Thank you
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Engine numbers are:

0416 E1

Briggs 5.5 hp engine
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Surging still points to the carb. I don't think that carb has any adjustments that will affect it.
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Why would a brand new carburetor do that?
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Is the new carb. a Briggs part or an aftermarket brand? I have seen a number of Chinese made aftermarket carbs. that are bad.
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There could have been some remaining crud in the fuel line when you added the fresh gas, fresh from the pump, not fresh from a can that has been setting since last year. The bowl nut is the main jet and may have gotten clogged, refer to the pic below, also spray some brakeparts/carb cleaner behind the carb while it is running, if the engine tempo changes you have an air leak. Have a good one. Geo


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