Troybuilt tractor problem


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Troybuilt tractor problem

I have a troybuilt tractor pony- the blades are engaged even at start up when i put on the engage lever they go faster (normal) can anyone help?

Alos once it a little while when i shut off their is a big bang what causes that?
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Hello missdawglady,

You may want to check all the belt guides that hold the belt near the pulleys, If any are bent away from a pulley this could cause your issue. Also look at the blade brake assemblies, There will be two arms with lining attached that contact the spindle pulleys, If the lining is worn it can also cause your issue.

As for the backfire on shut-down, There is a fuel shut-off solenoid on the carburetor that's supposed to prevent this, Some engine manufacturers say to shut the engine off a full throttle. I personally have conducted a engine temp test and found that your less likely to have a back-fire issue if you let the engine idle cool for a minute or two before turning it off.

Good Luck
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I agree with 31YTech. The manual for my mower states to idle the engine for at least 1 minute before shutting off to prevent back firing.

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