1992 MTD Mower 122-479 r013


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1992 MTD Mower 122-479 r013

This mower has a plastic, spring loaded cover that closes over the exit for the grass clippings at the rear of the mower, and acts as a cover when the grass catcher is in place to prevent clipping from covering the operator.

It's broken off and need to be replaced.

I don't see any replacement part available as I look around on line.

Any ideas?
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Try contacting mtd by phone, or ask around at the local small engine shops. They might have one in the junk pile you could rob parts from. If it has broken at the hinge pin holes and you don't mind doing some rigging, you can cut a slot in places and use a hose clamp to go through the slot and around the pin to re-attach it snugly but still allow it to swing open.
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Hello SeattlePioneer,

If it's just the plastic cover you need the part number is 931-0859A, But....From what I seen on the net it's anywhere from $54 to $81 plus shipping, Is that machine worth the investment ?

You might give Mr. Cheese's idea a try.....

Good Luck
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Cheese's method looks promising.

I looked more carefully to see how the hatch cover is connected and attached.

On each end of the hatch is a plastic loop that the support rod goes through. This appears to be split in half, and is held in place on one side by a retaining ring that prevents the plastic from opening up and getting off the rod.

On the other side the retaining ring is gone which allowed the plastic loop to get off the rod, which appears to be the actual problem. The hatch cover itself seems to be worn but OK.

So it looks like I can use a pair of needle nosed pliers to reinstall the plastic loop over the rod, and then try using a stainless steel clamp to prevent the plastic loop from opening again.

I'm not sure how the spring system should hold down the hatch cover though, I'll have to look at that in more detail.

In my days as a furnace repairman, I found that one of the most critical skills a repairman brought to the job was a skilled eye to carefully observe and appreciate any defects.

I've found that isn't an especially transferable skill. When doing bicycle repairs or this kind of mower repair, it's very easy to overlook a problem of the kind cheese was able to identify without even seeing the mower.

Thanks for the help---

I'll see if I can doctor this up.

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