Macson 110 chainsaw carb diaphragm problem


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Macson 110 chainsaw carb diaphragm problem

I was given an old Macson 110 in pieces. The clutch was burnt out and thanks to this forum was able to get a very nice secondhand clutch and had the saw running nicely, found it awful handy for cutting small branches to length as big kindling for a slow combustion house heater.

Then it started playing up and pulled it to bits again and seems that the rubber carb diaphragm is the problem. It now only starts and runs when I drip feed fuel directly into the intake.

There's folk on the web selling diaphragms but as this thing must be pretty ancient I'm wondering if these diaphragms are going to also be old and half perished due to age, or are they still being made. ?
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Most of the deterioration of a diaphragm is from exposure to fuel and heat of the engine. Ultraviolet rays would also deteriorate the material.

If you bought a new one from the shelf and boxed or packaged, I'd say you would be OK.

Another way to get your parts would be buy a complete kit. Start with the carb make and model number and go from there. With a saw of that age, it's probably about time for a complete carb overhaul.

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