Cub Cadet 2186 dies after running 20 minutes


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Cub Cadet 2186 dies after running 20 minutes

I have a cub cadet 2186 with a Kohler 18 hp horizontal engine CH18-62588. It is dying after running for 20 minutes. It dies both while mowing and when just running by itself. I can keep it running somewhat by applying the choke. It starts immediately right after it stalls. I have cleaned the gas tank, new spark plug, air filter and pre filter, gas filter, changed oil. I hate to just start throwing parts at it as they are very expensive. What do you folks suggest ??? Thank you in advance.
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Needing to apply choke indicates it might be running too lean.
If I had to guess, I would say that it could be as simple as adjusting the carb. Given the info you provided however, it sounds like there is a changing condition which makes is sound like the carb is tuned (reasonably well), and once the engine reaches running temp, something changes. This would indicate to me maybe the carb gasket is leaking, and or missing. When things get warm, everything expands and it starts sucking air.

If it's a gasket, you can cut your own from a sheet of gasket material which would cost you only a couple dollars (probably under $10).
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From the Kohler Service Manual for the CV series - should be similar to the CH series.
Engine Starts But Does Not Keep Running
1. Restricted fuel tank cap vent.
2. Dirt or water in the fuel system.
3. Faulty choke or throttle controls.
4. Loose wires or connections that short the kill
terminal of ignition module to ground.
5. Faulty carburetor.
6. Faulty cylinder head gasket.
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Personally I would not rule out the coil. I have chased a couple similar gremlins on older Kohlers and never got them chased out until I changed out the coil.
I agree it "sounds" like a fuel issue...but so did the gremlins I chased
A local shop might have a used one you can try for cheap or future bizness
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Thanks for the responses. I have run it with the fuel cap loose and removed - same thing. I qwill check some of the other suggestions today. I am surprised that no one mentioned fuel pump.
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Well, I think I found the problem. I disconnected the fuel line comming from the tank at the fuel pump and almost nothing came out. I blew out the hoses and the filter and also back flushed the tank hose with air. Gas now came pouring out. I now have to clean some debris from the tank itself. I am going to use a piece of tack cloth to do that.
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Hello jl66redcpe,

Sounds like you may have found the issue, Sorry I'm late to the party......

Good Luck
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31Ytech - no problem -- thank you for this and all your previous help

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