Cleaned 2-str weedeater carb, now it won't hit


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Cleaned 2-str weedeater carb, now it won't hit

I have a vintage 1997 18cc Weedeater Featherlite that wouldn't run above idle, so I figured there was something gunking up the carb and I disassembled and cleaned it.

I'll tell you up front I don't know what I'm doing, and when I've torn down this carbonator in past, I just had to keep taking it apart and putting it back together until I accidentally got everything in the right place. Only this time, that ain't working. I did the R&R half a dozen times, lost patience, then left the carb to soak a couple of days in denatured alcohol (didn't use carb cleaner because I don't have replacement diaphragms). After another five or six attempts after the soak, I resorted to a squirt of ether-based starting fluid in the plug hole. And it still won't hit a lick.

I changed the plug, blew out the fuel lines, the motor still turns over freely, and the configuration of this motor (too short plug lead and too much plastic bits) won't let me visually check the spark. However, it obviously still was sparking before I tore it apart.

So what are the likely stoopid things I might I have done, and what clues can you give me in the reassembly?
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Jam a screwdriver down between the plastic and the metal cylinder, then lay the plug against the screwdriver and see if it sparks.
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Can you find the make and model of the carburetor then find an illustrated parts list online to help in the reassembly?
Another thing to look at is the on/off switch. I don't know if this has a regular on/off switch or a momentary switch but make sure it's not accidentally turned off. I only say that because I have done it.
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The mystery isn't solved but the crisis has passed. I had another weedeater that was a near identical twin to this one (carbs were very slightly different but the manifolds were identical) that had been but away for years. When I remembered that, I scavenged the carbonator off the other and swapped them. Now it runs good as new.

Thanks for your time!

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