Generac home generator leaking through carb (brand new, basically)

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Generac home generator leaking through carb (brand new, basically)

I have a generator that I used maybe only twice, less tan 100 hours (I waited literally 12+ hours one night at a Home Depot just before a hurricane in NJ). Let it sit over the winter. Did not drain gas.

I now won't start. If I leave the gas valve in the on position the gas will drain out through the carburetor. Now from what I read the gas probably went bad and varnished up the pin and all and it's stuck open. Or dirt but I doubt it as it is barely a year old and has a gas filter.

What is the best way to fix this? If I can help it I don't want to rebuild the carb. Can't I drain the gas maybe and but something in gas tank that could dissolve the gum in there??

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Hello araczek,

Sounds like your going to have to tear the carb down and give it a good cleaning with carb & choke spray cleaner, Shoot it through ALL ports/passages and jets and may even have to replace the float needle valve and bowl gasket/seal. This ethanol is turning rubber parts to gum.

Take pictures of the throttle linkage and anything else before tearing into it, Believe me it will help when you start going back together after a few days of waiting on parts.

Also, Go ahead and change the oil even if fuel didn't contaminate it. It should be changed yearly whether the unit has been ran or not.

Magic potions are just that, The only way to clean a carb is the right way.....

Good Luck
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Cheese will answer soon but please understand that gasoline CAN go stale in as little as three or four months under certain conditions. You MAY be able to clean out the gum and such in the tank with a product specifically for that purpose but the carburetor is definitely need to be removed and cleaned with new gaskets. Next time I suggest using a gasoline stabilizer AND running the carburetor dry before storing.

Or do as I did and convert to gaseous fuel such as propane or natural gas operation.
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Agreed. You don't have to rebuild the carb most likely, just drop the bowl and remove the float and needle. Clean them, spray a q-tip with carb cleaner and swab the inlet where the needle goes, and put it back together.

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