Generator battery - 15,000 - Can I use a car battery


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Generator battery - 15,000 - Can I use a car battery

After many new small replacement batteries in my Generac 15,000 watt generator, I would like to use a car battery to replace the small 350 amp garden battery. I often have to jump start the generator after I realize the battery is dead. Reasoning pushes me to get a car battery. After all, I do get the unit started with no issues when I jump start it from a running truck.

Does anyone know or had experience with this. Thanks. Mike
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Yes, you can go to a car battery. The question is, how often do you recharge the battery or do you keep it on a trickle charger. If the answer is seldom to never and no trickle charger, your car battery will probably be down when you need it.

A battery maintaining type charger can be had for under $25
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Thanks for the reply. Yep, keep a trinkle charger on them. Lawn batteries just seem to struggle.
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Hello Mike,

Your gen-set is supposed to have a charging system to charge the battery while running, I would suggest you check this by putting a multimeter across the battery post. Take a reading before starting (should be 12.5-12.6 volts) then a reading while running full speed (should be 13.5+ volts).

The reason I suggest this is, One never wants to jump start any small engine equipment with a running vehicle, A vehicle alternator puts out anywhere from 65 to 200 amps. Small equipment charging systems put out up to only 25 amps, pumping 65+ amps into small equipment can cause damage to their charging system.

If one has the need to jump start a piece of equipment, Do it with the engine not running......

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