Bringing power to remote location


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Bringing power to remote location

Hey, so this is my first post and I am not sure if this is even the right place to ask this, but anyways...
About 100 yards away from my house their is a small "shack" which overtime I have turned into a small place I can go to hang out. I have repaired it and turned it into a livable place. It has no running water or electricity. I am fine with this and sometimes do work there or other stuff. I would like to install a small T.V which I could watch T.V shows or movies. That is all I want for electrical appliacnces and I was wondering what would be best for that.

I would prefer not to get a generator but if their is a very cheap one I could use that. Is their anything which can be charged at my house or something and brought out to the shed and used to power a small T.V for a couple hours?

P.S I know a generator sounds like the best option but I would prefer not to get one I was thinking if something exists that can store power and I could just use it for a couple hours
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How big a TV would you want and how long would you watch it? They make small DC powered TVs for RVs and boats....

By the time you bought one and the power source required you could probably pay for the materials to run a simple circuit to the shed.
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like 15"-20" T.V and i estimated the 100 yards it might be a lot further it is pretty isolated
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Many portable generators are quite noisy, which could ruin your solitude. Honda (and a few others) make a low noise portable generator with about 2,000 watts max which would be good for your application. They are designed for camp sites so you don't have the neighbors complaining. The downside is that they run roughly $900 - $1000.
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Marine battery and 12 volt tv or an inverter.
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Have you priced UF-b? Even at that distance 12-2 on a 15 amp breaker would probably be adequate and cost ~ $250. So long as it is sunlight rated it could run overhead on a steel wire/cable so no digging. No, probably more then you want to fool with. Marine battery and inverter or skip the inverter and use a TV with 12 volt DC input is probably the best choice.
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Can you put a photovoltaic panel on the roof to generate electricity? Have the panel charge a 12 volt marine type battery and get a 12 volt Rv television. You will want to set up your charger so that the battery can't be over charged, and I don't know enough about electricity to tell you how that is done.

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