Tecumseh Model: OV358EA Rocker Arm/Valves


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Smile Tecumseh Model: OV358EA Rocker Arm/Valves

I want you give you as much information as I can to help you help me . I hope this all makes since I bought a generator that looks new and has been sitting in a garage for several years. It would not start so I cleaned out the old gas and did find some rust in the gas tank, I cleaned out the carb too. It started up and I ran it 10-15 mins and I then plugged everything in and it was still working fine. We went to the store and came back and it was not running and I could not get it to start at all. I took off the OHV cover and seen the Rocker arm broken so I called around to order one and ask it they know what might have caused it and everyone I called said no that was odd. I bought 2 because they were cheep ($5.50) and now I am glad I did. I put it on and tried to start it and watched the rocker arm break . (This might be some helpful info too, I am new at this) I noticed how the other one worked and tried to push the top one down and it would not move at all so I figured that was my next problem so I look it up and found it was an “Intake Valve”. I took everything apart and found that the “Exhaust Valve” I could push down and it would work. The piston seams to move up and down fine but the top is black (See pics)
Here are my questions:
    1. What could have caused the valve to stick/lockup? (is there something else I need to check)
    2. How do I clean all the black stuff off the piston or do I leave it?
    3. How do I clean the head area (if that’s want it is called J) where the valves are at?
    4. How do I replace the valves? Not sure how to remove the spring.
    5. Now that I have removed the “Rocker Arm Studs” how will I know how tight?
    6. When I removed the OHV cover where the rocker arms are at should it have been full of oil?

    Thanks for you help,
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Hello, and welcome to doityourself.com,

1) Heat or burning stale gas are probably the two main reasons for valve problems. Stuck valves usually are from stale gas in my experience. It leaves a residue or varnish on the valve stem and it makes it stick.

2) It's carbon buildup on the piston. You can just scrape it off with a razor blade.

3) Use the razor to scrape off the gasket material from the head and block. Take the valves out and clean the valve stems down to the shiny metal. I do this with a wire wheel on my bench grinder.

4) Push down on the spring and cap, and you will see the keepers (the two little clips at the top of the valve that hold the spring and cap on). They will get loose when you push the spring down, and you can pick them out. A valve spring compressor helps with this.

5) The rocker arms are adjusted once the engine is back together. The engine is set to TDC on the compression stroke, then the clearance between the valve stem and rocker arm is adjusted to specs using feeler gauges.

6) The valve cover should have had oil in it. Not full, but it should have had some.
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Thanks for the information, when I removed the valve cover it did have some oil but not a lot so I was not sure if the oil was being pumped in there. I removed the one valve stem and it looks just like varnish. Again Thanks for the help

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