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leaf blower

I was hoping that I could get some ideas as to the problem I'm having w/ my Poulan BMS200 leaf blower. I have a new plug capped correctly and its firing. The air filter is clean, and the gas is mixed correctly. I have heard some discouraging reviews about these blowers, so I may have to chuck it. I know the fuel filter is in the tank, I gonna check it tomorrow, hoping that blowing it out takes care of that problem(if its clogged). The blower won't start, almost like it isn't getting any fire. It was running great after a new coil was installed. Then once when I went to start it, it barely started, ran just a little.. then died. I have no ideas, I hope there is a common problem w/ these that you are familiar with that you can help me with. Much appreciated.
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Check the carb intake mounting bolts... they get loose on these and create an air leak. Also, the cylinder bolts get loose, creating an air leak, and also these tend to have stuck rings for some reason. I see lots of them without enough compression to run and it's almost always stuck rings.

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