Chainsaw bar nose wheel jamming Husky 435


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Chainsaw bar nose wheel jamming Husky 435

The nose wheel of the bar on my Husky 435 chainsaw has jammed twice in the two years I have been using it. I have two older McCullochs which have never had the nose wheel jamming yet I treat all the saws the same, that is pull off the chains and bars, sharpen the chains and dress the bars with a file. I also put a few drops of bar oil into the little holes to lubricate the nose wheel roller bearings.

Spoke to a neighbour about the nose wheel jamming and he said he has never had this problem and he never oils the nose wheel bearings.

The jamming is from fine dust which collects in the gap between the wheel and the bar.

Should I oil the rollers or not ? ? Maybe using wrong oil ? ?
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I don't use my chainsaw as much as when we lived in a colder climate, but I never lubed (or cleaned/unstuck) the nose wheel. I would think the bar oil would work its way in there provided you are keeping the reservoir filled and it is oiling properly. You might try a fresh chain; perhaps the current one has been resharpened enough times to affect the geometry for the size of the chips you are getting off the teeth because of a change in "depth" (hence "fine" sawdust). Some reading here:

Chainsaw Chains
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If I'm not mistaken that saw has a grease able nose. There is a small hole on each side of the tip. They sell little grease guns made just for it.
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Husqvarna does recommend using "Bearing Grease" when lubricating the bar tip sprocket. They also recommend rotating the bar (turning it over) so it wears evenly. These are just two things that could help solve the problem.
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The rule of bar tip sprocket is to grease it often or don't grease it at all the bar oil is all you should need! Some manufactures have even removed the oil hole so that dust can't enter the bearing. So it would seem that your oiler may not be working correctly and you must cut with a dull chain. To check your oiler remove the bar and chain & run the saw. Oil should flow & drip right off the saw. If it doesn't you need to fix the oiler. Saw chain should produce chips not dust sharpen your chain.
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Yes I do all that, flip the bar over regularly and dress it up, keep the chain sharp and file the depth rakers, the oiler is working perfectly.

When I bought the saw the dealer pointed out Husky had made a new "latest and greatest" bar and showed me how much lighter it was compared to the older model.

As I said the McCullochs get treated the same way and haven't jammed. It's no big deal to clean it out when it jams, I just soak the end in some petrol and run a piece of wire through behind the sprocket.

My query was to oil or not to oil the sprocket bearings - I'll keep oiling and live with the occasional jamming, it's a fantastic saw otherwise.

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