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I've got an 8hp Wards snowblower. The engine is a Briggs and Straton. The machine starts and runs strong, however, after warming up it spews oil out of the crank case vent or out of the dip stick if it is not in completely. Any ideas what the problem is? I keep the oil level between low and full, but not over full.
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Breather Tube


Oil coming out as you discribed most likely is caused by a restriction in the breather tube. This tube is connected to the carb.

The air vacuum <suction> of the carb will draw in outside air thru the breather vent, thru the crankcase and then into the carb. Any crasecase fumes that build up get burned during the combustion cycle. This whole process is better know as positive crankcase ventilation.

Most likely the tube has a hose attached to it at the carb. Check this hose and the metal tube for any restrictions. It may not even be connected.

There is a very remote possibility the oil dip stick is incorrectly marked or is the wrong one for that engine. This error has happened prior but not often. <<<This dip stick error once happened on a major brand of auto for one model they made.>>> Which means it could be you engines problem.

If you need more info regarding the oil dip stick, contact the local retail dealer and inquire about a factor bulletin on the engine model.

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