#%@&%* 20hp outboaurd engine


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I have a 20 hp evinrude[1982 model] outboard engine that is very hard to start even after getting umteen tuneups. It seems like I always have to pull the starter rope for at least 5 min. before it finally starts , but only when it's cold . Once its warm it will start first pull every time and it runs great . It is also very hard to pull the starter rope . Myself and whoever I'm boating with have to take turns pulling on the rope otherwise it just wears you out . After the motor sits idle for a couple of hours and cools down well" hear we go again ". Why can't the mechanics correct this problem ????? Has anyone out there had this problem ? Should I start using this thing as an anchor or can someone help me ..PLEASE>>>PLEASE .
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Classic problem. Since many boat repair shops can only dry tune and engine, they set everything but never have the option to actually run the engine.

Here we use 50-100 gallon drums so the engine can be run. Most often we find a carb set too lean or a choke that doesn't close enough. Some times it's the timing advance or worn reeds.

Best I can suggest, here in a text only format, is to turn open the carbs fuel screws about half a turn and then try starting the engine when cold.

Also check that the choke closes fully.

Low compression will also cause this problem when the engine is cold. The compression rises as the engine reaches normal operating temperature. Normal operating temps will better atomize the fuel which causes it to ignite and burner better. That's what makes warm or hot starting much easier.

For more information or another opinion, you can also post this question in the boats forum or ask me and I'll move it there for you. My buddy there can help you further there.
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This is almost too simple to miss but I have missed it myself. Just in case you haven't tried this already, try adjusting your idle speed to a faster speed. You will know if it's too high when you go from nuetral to drive. If set too fast, the motor will clunk into forward gear. If this happens, lower then idle speed down until the forward gear engages smoothly. Hope this helps
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@#$%#$ 20 hp outboard

Thanks but I tried that already at many different settings . I think this motor just doesn't like me .Thanks again .

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