need some help picking a lawn mower? Craftsman or snapper?


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need some help picking a lawn mower? Craftsman or snapper?

I have gotten tired of paying people to cut the grass and decided to take advantage of sears 12 months no interest and pick up a mower. Ive decided to go with a self propelled mower as the yard is fairly large with big rear wheels. ive narrowed it down to 4 options A snapper 725 and 3 craftsmans. The Snapper and 2 of the craftsmans seem to be pretty close in specs if not the same and 1 craftsman has a Gold series engine.... heres my compare website from sears and if anyone can help me decide here. opinions are welcomedor other suggestions?

Sears - Compare
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You are wagging the wrong end of the dog, first is your property level or hilly, do you plan to bag or not bag. If your property has any hills front drive will not work especially if you bag as the weight of the bag filling will lessen the traction of the front drive, also if you have hills that are constant the splash system of lubrication of most mowers will fail, so if any of the conditions exist you will need a rear drive and a pressurized lube system since 2-cycle are no longer available. Have a good one. Geo
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In addition to Geo's questions, I'd like to know how many square feet of lawn do you have? Is it open or are there a lot of things around which you will have to maneuver the mower?

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