B&S 18 hp twin-serious fuel problem


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B&S 18 hp twin-serious fuel problem

I have a 18hp B&S twin. It started when I add fuel to the carb but quits when it burns off. Gas is not getting to carb. I put a fuel pump rebuilding kit in with no results, I also have lots of gas entering the engine, I changed out the fuel needle in the carb and cleaned out the carb, again with no results. I have changed the filter, checked to make sure the lines were clear What do you think I should do besides shoot it.
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I am confused that you say "gas is not getting to the carb" but then say "lots of gas entering the engine".

Disconnect the line going from the fuel pump to the carburetor. Turn the engine over. Does the fuel pump pump gas?

You mentioned changing the filter (I assume the fuel filter) and checking to see that the lines were clear. Did you also check to make sure the pulse line to the engine was clear?
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Wink 18 hp serious problem

Thanks for your response pilot dane
I understand your confusion. gas is filling the engine and coming out the air breather up the the air filter.But the engine will turn over when I add fuel to the carb right away, but will not start with out that. I did take off the fuel line from the filter to the carb and its clear, good fuel flow from filter to gas tank. What do you think.
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This sounds strange. If fuel is filling the engine and coming out the air breather than how can you put gas in the carb?? Sounds like you have a SERIOUS flooding condition, almost like fuel solinoid is not working. If it does not work it will cause fuel to flow into the engine but I have never heard of it coming out of Air breather. Take a wrench and tap on fuel solenoid, turn key on and off and feel it while turning on and off, if it is clicking it is working. You may also take it out and plug it in and make sure you ground the solenoid to see if it is working. If it is not working use test light to see if you have power to solenoid, If power is there and solenoid is not working get another solenoid. Also check the oil level to make sure no gas has drained into crankcase, it will do it! Good luck.
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Is the fuel tank located higher than the engine? I'm wondering if the carb has problems and is letting fuel flow by gravity into the engine.
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Im having the same darned issue but with a different engine....

I dont get it either.

Good luck...let me me know if you fix it.
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you likely have flooding issue. Check the oil level. Chances are you have a crankcase with more gas than oil. The pump is part of the front of carb. Is it a 3 bolt or 4 bolt? You'll need to change the needle at minimum. On 3 bolt seat can be changed but not on 4 bolt. Needle for 4 bolt is pricey. I had a friend's that was flooding and new needle solved it. Do not run it if there is gas in the crankcase.
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If gas is getting into the crankcase, the inlet needle is leaking. Leave the fuel pump and solenoid (if equipped) alone... neither of these will allow the engine to flood like that. Take the top off the carb and remove the float. Shake it near your ear and if you hear sloshing in it, that is the problem, replace it. If not, replace the needle. You need to fix the flooding in the crankcase before worrying about any of the rest of it.

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