Toro 521 snowblower after 15 years

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Toro 521 snowblower after 15 years

I have been working on my father's old Toro 521 snowblower that has not run for about 15 years. I replaced the fuel lines, changed the oil, new gas, inflated the tires and gave her a few pulls. She started (no smoke) and after a minute or two I slowly increased the throttle.
When she got up to full throttle she ran for about 30 sections. When I tried to engaged the blades she died out.

I tried to pull start a few more times, but then the pull cord ripped apart (dry rot it looked like). I was able to replace that, but I think with a slightly thicker rope (1/16" or so thicker maybe).

Two questions. I'm wondering if the slightly thicker rope is going to cause any issues. It didn't seem like when I was pull starting it the rope came out as far (rope was slightly longer if anything, and wound up the same way).
Also thoughts on what would cause it to die out when the blades were about to be engaged? (not sure if it actually had anything to do with the blades or not).

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If the rope is pulling out and retracting OK, that's all it has to do to work so no problem there.

The carb probably has some varnish in the main jet. You can either take it apart to clean it or put some Sea Foam (from auto part store or Walmart) in it and run it through a tank full of gas to clean it out.

If it's still a problem try turning out the mixture screw about 1/8 turn at a time until it doesn't die.
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You might try injecting some Mechanic in a Bottle straight into the carburetor and letting it sit for a day or two. I have been hearing really good reports on this suff. Made by B3c.

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Thanks for the thoughts guys. I cleaned out the carburetor but then realized that the slightly larger fuel line I put it (ID same, OD larger) was punctured in the middle. I'll need to head to NAPA to get a correct size hose and go from there... I'll let you know

Thanks again.

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Did you change the belts and grease all the moving parts?
If the belts are original, change them. Nothing worse then having to do so when it's full of snow.
The blade shafts should have grease nipples on them.

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