Simplicy Landlord Front wheel


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Simplicy Landlord Front wheel

I have an old Simplicity Landlord Tractor that picked up a nail a day ago in the left front tire. I figured that I would pop the cap and remove the wheel the conventional way you have to when there are no lug bolts or nuts. Guess again! I worked on this cap for an hour and just barely moved it out an eighth of an inch or so. I do not want to ruin the paint on the wheel by using heat. Anybody know the right way to remove this cap so I can remove the wheel and tire? Model #1690333
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Hello WML13,

I've got a set of these; Vim Tools V216 Hub and Dust Cap Plier : : Automotive

If the tire is tubeless you could get a tire plug kit from your local auto parts store and plug it on the machine.

You could try a pair of channel lock pliers, Grab it straight on and rock up and down while pulling. If it still won't come try taping up/down/side to side with a small hammer while pulling with channel locks, If all else fails cut the end off with a chisel and hammer then remove the inner part after the wheel is off.

A new cap is only 4.15 plus shipping unless you have a local dealer; OEM Parts

Good Luck
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Simplicity Landlord Wheel Hub

I thought I had seen some pliers like this before, but wasn't sure. I know enough gear heads that one of them might have a set. I have a tire plug kit on the shelf, but I wanted to re pack the bearings too. Thank you for the advice on the hammer and channel locks. I am pretty sure those are going to destroy the caps, they are in there REALLY tight. thanks again!

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