unloader and bull whip. Howzzat work?


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Red face unloader and bull whip. Howzzat work?

I have a tank and a B&S engine. Planning on making a 'cost reduced' air compressor.

I've had the engine working, compressor works too.
Now I need some way to bring the B&S back to idle when the tank is full.
95-150 Lbs for the tank and compressor.

I'm having trouble 'inventing' an unloader that will bring the B&S to full throttle when the Tank pressure is down to 80# or so.

And when the tank is full enough for the Pop-off valve to open, the throttle on the B&S will drop back to an idle.

I'd sure like a diagram or explanation of the Commercial UN-loaders and the bull whip that handles the throttle on the B&S.
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Some have a valve that unloads and pushes a throttle cable to control the throttle, and some have a small hose that runs from the unloader to a air-operated piston that controls the throttle. The unloader pops at the set tank pressure and it unloads the valves in the head, letting the valves in the head move a piston that either moves the throttle cable or is piped to the throttle itself where the piston moves the throttle directly.
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Hello hoary,

Here's a short clip on pilot unloaders

Also one on bullwhips

You may be able to get by with just a pilot valve such as THIS with a Bullwhip instead of a full on unloader valve, But I've never tried this.

Good Luck to You !

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