Craftsman #536.881800 Snow Blower stalls seconds after start


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Craftsman #536.881800 Snow Blower stalls seconds after start

This was a 2004 model and run without problem for a few years.
(Briggs & Stratton 12E114-0268-E1 engine)
Until I know the recall and had Sears service it. There were no heavy snow that year so I didn't use it. The next year, it will start to stall minutes, or under low load. Last year, it will stall almost immediately.

So I research and found out many report that may be heat shield will help the fuel line for after 20 min stall. But I have a 5-10second run time only, even I did the follow:
-drain out all the fuel.
-check oil, the oil are very clean, due to very low hours of use after Sears recall service it years ago.
-replace spark plug
-loose up the bottom cup of carburetor, clean it with carb cleaner. There is 1-2 very tiny black things there. Otherwise its not that dirty.
-inside, the white flip (seat ) and needle were also clean.

While I try reach to loose the bottom cup, I do found so leaking , look like fuel there. But after I clean up and refuel, I didn't get any.

Fuel were left after winter so any more clean up suggestion are welcome. Right now it will start (using outlet power up) and idle for 5-10 second. Then it will stall and stop. Any suggestion what is wrong? Thanks in advance.
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The bowl nut is the main jet on that carb and is probably clogged, 1 hole through the bottom and 1 hole down the center, refer to the pic below. Have a good one. Geo
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I had the exact same problem as Saiman and followed your advice relating to the bowl nut being clogged. Pinched the fuel line, took a twist tie and cleared out the debris. She runs on the first pull.

Note: prior to clearing out the bowl nut I noticed that when pressing the primer there wasn't any fluid transfer. Post bowl nut cleaning I can hear fluid being transfered.

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Success is a wonderful sound. Have a good one. Geo

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