Honda EB5000X Generator Surging at High RPMS


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Honda EB5000X Generator Surging at High RPMS

How do I get this generator to stop surging from About 3400 rpms to 3900 rpms? With the auto Idle on and set at 2200 rpms there isn't any surging, runs smooth. Surging is making the hertz & voltage go up & down, that can't be good on the tool being used. I've tried adjusting the govenor how it says to in the honda shop manual. If the hole in govenor arm is worn where the rod connects from the carb. be a problem?
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Slop in the governor linkage can be a problem but first I would disassemble and give the carburetor a good cleaning.
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To Pilot Dane: I Removed & Cleaned Every Part & Hole In the Carb. Except The Pilot Needle, Book Says Only Way To Remove It Is To Break It Off Because of The Limiter, But I Sprayed Cleaner In The Port & Could See It Coming Out Around The Needle & (3) Ports Farther In The Carb. Put It Back On & Tested It Again. Still Surging Between 3500 & 4000 RPMs With NoLoad. It Levels Out Once I Put a Load On It. With About 1200 Watts On It The Voltage Is 124 & The Hertz Are 58.5 to 59 or So. That With 1000 Watt Light Stand & 24" High Veloscity Fan on To Make The 1200 Watts. IS THAT OK, RIGHT, CORRECT Output Numbers? It Runs Great Other That The Noload Surging with the Auto Throttle OFF. Do You Have Any Other Advice? Thanks
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New spark plug? Start with the easy stuff.

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