Having Trouble starting my 2003 Toro Wheel Horse

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Post Having Trouble starting my 2003 Toro Wheel Horse

I have been having a problem starting my Toro Wheel Horse 16-38XL. It would crank and crank and finally turn over and start. The last few starts have been very difficult and now it will not turn overe at all. It went from cranking and cranking to not cranking at all when I turn the key. When I turn the key it will do nothing not even make a noise. as I continue to hold the key in the on position it would make a single attempt to turn and then nothing so I would continue to hold the key on and after severakl seconds it would make another single attempt. It would do this for sevberal attempts with the time between attempts reducing eaxch time until it would eventually start. It was taking a bout three or four of these attempts before starting. The last time I tried to start it I got the same thing only this time it would nmot turn over and a small amount of smoke came from what I believe is the starter which most have over heated. I don't know if the solenoid has been going bad and now it is shot or what the problem could be. Please help.
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Sounds like it wouldn't start and you ran the battery down.

Take off the air cleaner and see if the choke is closing when you try to start it. If it is, pull the spark plug and make sure you have a bright blue spark when you ground the plug and crank the engine. It works a little better in a dark garage, but you can see it outside.

Anytime the engine doesn't spin over when you turn the key, it isn't a good idea to hold the key in the start position until the starter labors enough to turn the engine over. It seldom starts the engine and it's hard on the starter.
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Sounds like you may have a valve adjustment problem, if this is a Briggs engine. Also check the Battery connections for tightness and or corrosion. Also check all the connections on the solenoid making sure they are all tight. But if you are holding down the key and it is trying to turn over and then all of a sudden it does after it moves a little bit, sounds like valve adjustment. Good luck.
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It does sound like a valve adjustment is needed, and it could be that a starter is needed now.

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