Problems starting Craftman 24HP Kohler V Twin Engine

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Problems starting Craftman 24HP Kohler V Twin Engine

I tried to start my mower and for a second it started to turn over. Then nothing. The key would not work. I thought maybe the battery was dead. I hooked it up to the charger and it reads full up. I disconnected all the wiring and cleaned terminals including the ground to the frame. Still nothing.Then I decided to check the celinoid by putting a screw driver between the two connectings. Nothing.I hooked the battery charger up the the battery and tried the key again. The starter clicked repeatedly, but did not start. I put the screwdriver between the leads on the celinoid and got sparks and the starter clicked.I checked my flywheel and it does not move freely. It takes a lot for me to turn it, but afer turning sllightly, I could hear a pop which I took for the starter gear dropping or raising. After moving the flywheel slightly and then putting the screwdriver between the leads on the celinoid, the starter whirls instead of clicking. Like the gear has dropped. But when using the key, it only clicks.I took the starter off and it appears the gear is worn down. But I am not sure. I tried to get the starter to work after taking it off the engine but could not get it to work.I don't understand why they key only works when the battery is hooked up to the charger. I have checked all the wiring as closely as I can and can find no wear.I can not tell if the gear is raising all the way on the starter or if indeed the gears are worn, not ever seeing one before.Any advise would be appritiated.Femdeputzer
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Small engines isn't my specialty but if you get no response (dead) when you turn the key and then get a response (a click) with the battery charger connected you either have a dead battery or a battery connection not making at the battery's posts. I would use a 12 volt test light or better yet.....a voltmeter to check battery at the posts and then again at the terminals.

And that click sounds like your drive gear is engaging but there is not enough current to spin the motor and it stalls the starter motor causing the gear to jam.
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Hello Femdeputzer,

Here's a pic to compare to your gear;


Just because your battery charger shows your battery if full doesn't mean it can't still be faulty, I'd suggest removing it and take it to your local repair shop and have it load tested.

If the battery test good then look closer at the starter solenoid, Burnt contacts inside the solenoid would still give you a click but reduced voltage to the starter. Reduced voltage to the starter will cause it to turn slower and not kick the gear up into the flywheel ring gear or kick it in and jam it.

Hope I read your post right.....You had alot going on up there.....

Good Luck
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I agree with the thoughts about the dead battery. This sounds like it's your problem.

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