Best way to store a Portable Generator?


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Best way to store a Portable Generator?

So, I live in NY and as you probably know, we just got slammed with hurricane Sandy. As my power was out for only two day, I was able to get a generator on DAY 2. As Murphy's law would have it, the power came on 6 hours after running the thing. With that being said, what is the best way to properly store this thing. FWIW, the owners manual says, drain the gas, clean out the bowl and change the oil. Is that enough? Overkill? Thanks!
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If you have only ran it for 6 hrs I wouldn't drain the oil but as for the gas, I would drain the gas and put it away dry. Start it and let it run the gas out of the carburetor,,but you all have another storm coming so I wouldn't put it away to quickly. Best of luck in your recovery from Sandy.
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I agree with mowerdude, keep that machine in ready standby for the time being. For short term storage use some gasoline stabilizer in the tank. Stabil and Seafoam are two brands that people either swear by or swear at. Once the likelihood of power failures has passed, say around March or April, I would get as much gasoline out of the tank as possible and run the engine until it stops from lack of fuel. It the carburetor has a drain (sometimes a screw that needs to be removed, check the manual) drain the carburetor bowl. If no drain then loosening the bolt that hold the bowl in place will usually allow the fuel to drain making a mess.

Remove the spark log and add a teaspoon or two of oil and crank the engine a could of revolutions to distribute the oil. Clean and gap the plug to the manufacturer's specifications (or install a new spark plug) and change the oil if it has more than 25 hours of run time. Get a tarp or elephant's shower cap (tarp with elastic at the bottom) to cover the machine and keep it clean. If at all possible store it inside where it will be dry.
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What Furd suggested would be for long term storage.
I don't like to leave fuel lines dry as the lines, gaskets, etc will dry out and crack over time (specially older equipment). The oil in the cylinder head will protect the engine, but could make starting a bit more difficult if you need it sooner than later (oil doesn't burn in a cold engine).
Also be mindful of where you are storing it. Like cars, moisture can do a number on these things. Unfortunately I have a gravel floor garage, so my genny is sitting on a wood platform and the car is parked on a tarp.

As I've mentioned in other threads, I live in cottage country, so power outages can and do occur. To keep my genny ready for if/when a power outage occurs, I'll keep my generator tank full, and siphon from it to my lawn mower or snow blower. This keeps a 5 gallon supply for emergencies, and keeps the fuel fresh. I also try to run it for 20 minutes every month when I remember to.
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First and foremost, thanks for the replies. Luckily, I was spared as compared to other people on Long Island. I wasn't ready to store it, just anticipating to. I do appreciate the advice. Also, the generator is a UST 7500W/6000W, anybody know anything about it? During the power outage, I was able to get one and get my house sort of going......
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Another great thread as this is something I'm always tinkering with. I tried storing it (w/out stabil) and starting it every month. But I wound up with a clogged carb. When I had it fixed the guy recommended I run it dry, which is what I do now. I was hoping that guaranteed no problems 100%. but sounds like not might be right. Good to know I need to take some other steps as outlined above. Or maybe just always use stabil.

Oh, I also asked in the past about storing it outside and, like mentioned, its best to keep inside if possible.

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