Snowblower keeps backfiring out of exhaust


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Snowblower keeps backfiring out of exhaust

Just went to startup and prep my snowblower since we could be getting snow anytime now. I had it running last winter, not super great but it ran. I drained the carb and tank at the end of last season. It actually started pretty decent however I just couldn't get it running quite right. It seemed to idle quite decent and seemed to run the worst at full throttle, especially warm, it would just keep backfiring, and the muffler actually turned bright red.

Also noticed what seems to be a loose wire or something, not sure if the blower had electric start on it previously and that's what it's from, or maybe I'm completely off. Engine is a Tecumseh snow king 8 hp

Here are some pics, any advice would be great. To me it sounds like maybe the valves? or could it be something far easier?

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I would suggest using fresh gas and add a double dose of sea foam, and let it set and run out a tank of fuel, if when the fuel is gone and it runs no better then it will be necessary to remove and clean the carb manually. Have a good one. Geo
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No need for the sea foam. Some folks swear by the stuff, others swear at it.
I've never used it and never had a reason to use it.

First things first, I would not recommend draining the carb each spring. A bit of fuel stablizer and drain the tank mostly. If you drain everything, older hoses and gaskets will dry out and eventually crack and leak.

Now for the poor running... That is expected. I made the mistake a few years back when I referbished an old blower I was given. I tuned the carb so the blower ran perfectly (during the summer). Ran lean when the weather got cold and I ended up having to adjust the carb again in the winter when the weather was cooler.
Most cases, if it ran good during the cooler weather, dont mess with the carb during the warmer weather.

As for the loose wire... That looks like the ground wire for your key. I would need to see a further out picture of you engine to see if it had electric start. If it has electric start, the starter would probably still be attached and look like a slightly smaller version of a car starter (cylender on the side of the head, near the recoil).

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I use Sea Foam regularly and I'd be one that swears by it. In any engine that has sit during the off season, it cleans up the fuel system in just a few minutes. Today's gasoline has a short shelf life and varnish build up in seasonal use engines is a problem. Fuel stabilizer is a big help.

I've put in my D6 Cat pony motor, small engines, and motorcycle engines of all years. Never lets me down.

In the tough cases, I do like geo advised, and that stuff takes care of business. But if the engine needs parts, that's another matter and you have to go that route.

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