Electric start Honda snowblower won't start


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Electric start Honda snowblower won't start

Honda HS928 snowblower - electric start version - won't start using the key. Only a clicking sound. The battery is good. The unit starts with the pull cord, runs well.
Like to know if a part needs replacing, can a relatively unexperienced person can access and remove it ?
This unit is a Canadian version, probably TCD.
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Make sure you've got clean connections between the battery posts and the terminals. I see this problem all the time.
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First do what PJmax recommended and clean the connections where the battery & cables meet since that is the most common location for corrosion. It can also help to clean the connections where the large wires meet the solenoid and starter though it's usually less an issue than the battery connections.

Next is the battery. How do you know it's good? Even a bad battery can show 12+ volts when at rest. It's voltage may dive when put under a load. So, if you clean the battery connections and it still does not work right try a new battery.

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