Murry 5 hrs. snowblower won't blow...conks out when it meets the snow.


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Murry 5 hrs. snowblower won't blow...conks out when it meets the snow.

Bought it used...about 10 yrs. old. Starts fine...runs perfect...main auger spins great when engaged and even when it hits the snow but I think the impeller/"thrower" in the chute stops when snow is forced into it and the engine immediately stalls.
One note; the kid that sold it to me did mention that he replaced the shear pins for the auger with regular bolts..but as I said, the auger spins even when it's into the snow. Anyone know what what I should look for on this issue? Thanks! Tom
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What if you put it on half choke and try it... same thing?
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Hi Cheese...waiting for more than a couple inches of snow to try placing the choke "half way" as you suggest....I am pretty sure last year I tried everything...including that...still it just conks out and stalls as soon as the snow starts to feed into the impeller / thrower chute...even as the main auger keeps churning???
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can you see that the impeller is still turning when the augers push the snow back? If not then maybe box is filling with snow and the augers bogg and stall the engine. The impeller is pinned to the shaft that turns the augers and maybe pin is missing/broken.
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I'd go over that blower and replace all the bolts the kid installed and put back proper cotter pins.
They use cotter pins for a reason.
If the pin (now bolt) doesn't break when something gets jammed in there (or iced up), something else will break that will be harder to replace and cost more.
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The Murry

freet said that when the snow hit the impeller the impeller stopped, and the engine stalled, which might mean an engine problem, maybe fuel. I have a 46 year old Sears/Murray, and I aim to keep it another 20 years, it is strong like bull. Yes make shure you have the proper sheare bolts in the augers. You might have to open up the carb, and clean all the little fuel passages, especially in the bottem bolt that holds the bowl on. There are lots of posts that talk about this problem.

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