Pressure Washer No Water or Pressure


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Pressure Washer No Water or Pressure

I have an Aaladin commercial pressure washer that hadn't been used for an extended period of time. When I drained the pump (General Pump) the oil was milky, gooey and bubbly... flushed with fresh oil until it was clean when coming out. Got engine running, full throttle but no water is coming out of the wand. There is slight dripping by the hose connection for the wand so water seems to be flowing? Checked oil again and it was whiteish (don't think it's water because the level did not rise meaning no extra fluid right?). I did pull the head and checked all valves/plungers and all seals seemed in tact (unstuck 2 valves). From research it seems that it could be the unloader? How can I be sure? Could it be something else? If unloader or anything else what steps can I perform to confirm diagnosis? (Don't want to invest in parts if I cannot confirm it's what I need).
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Are you sure your wand isn't clogged. Spiders are notorius for building spider webs in the quick- connect fittings that end up jamming the nozzle. Try another wand or nozzle.

Now...I tape over all exposed ends.
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Also, I see you're in Alabama and I'm sure you have a lot of mud dauber wasps that like to build their clay nests in every possible small hole they find. It is common to find a piece of their nest clogging the nozzle. Does water come out the fitting if you remove the spray hose? If not, then you need to figure out where in the path it is being blocked. The unloader shouldn't stop water from coming out where the hose connects. Even with the engine off it should come out there.
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I'd start by bypassing/disconnecting the wand. If water comes out of the hose, then connect the gun minus the tip and then add the tip last. That should narrow down where the problem is.

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