Ariens snowblower - very simple question regarding choke


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Ariens snowblower - very simple question regarding choke

Really dumb question. Please see the attached photo. How should the choke be set when starting the engine cold? (as shown or turned counter-clockwise?) The diagram next to the choke does not help, and the manual is confusing as well.

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full choke

The way the knob is right now should be full choke.

Quite simple, prime the engine cold and give it a pull or electric start. If the engine starts immediately, you know you are on full choke. If it does not start, turn it the other way and prime and try again.

Choke is only required for a cold start. Once it is started, let warm for 10 seconds, open choke a bit more, give it 30 seconds to wrm right up, then open choke full.

Have fun!
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I agree, that is a very poor illustration of how to apply the choke, the only sure way is to remove the carb cover and see where the butterfly sets in relationship to the knob. Have a good one. Geo

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