MTD Yardmachine snowblower acts like its outta gas


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MTD Yardmachine snowblower acts like its outta gas

8HP Tecumseh engine acted like it was running out of gas (engine would start to quit and then speed up, then start to quit again) but when I shut it off,I saw that it had plenty of gas. Then when I went to start it I couldn't keep it running unless I kept pushing the primer pump thing. As soon as I stopped pumping it, the engine would shut down as if it had a fuel pump that wasn't working.
This was the first snowstorm of the year but I had the engine running a lot a few weeks before to burn off the old gas. At that time I had also added a little dry gas to the fuel.
Any ideas on what's causing this and how to fix it?
Thank you!
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It would be dirt or varnish in the carburetor, most likely. Try some Sea Foam in the gas. It may clean up every thing and you won't have to dismantle it. Put about 4 ounces of Sea Foam in a couple of quarts of gas. Then start he engine and let it run for about five minutes. Choke it full choke a couple of times and shut it off and let sit for a half an hour.

Then start it up and run it a full tank of gas through it. If that doesn't clean it up, pull the little nut off the bottom of the carb bowl and clean all the little holes in that thing. Some are pretty small, so check closely to get them all.
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Take the carb off and dismantle it.

Spray carb cleaner in every little hole you can find in the carb. Be sure you clean out the jet. The jet would be riight on the bottom of thr bow of the carburetor. You must be sure every one of those little holes in the carb are clean. Especially the little hole half way up the thread.

Your engine is getting more air than fuel. In other words, it is running lean.

Search you tube on how to clean a tecumseh carb.

Good luck
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Thank you guys , this sounds like you have nailed it !
FWIW-I ran it today(no snow) and I found when I got it running, it ran better while partially choked.

I'll check out both YouTube and SeaFoam

Thanks again!

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