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I've got an MTD snowblower with a Techumseh engine in it. I need a good source for parts, namley a carb rebuild kit, or ever better, a new carb. Anybody out there have a source? Thanks.
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Hi:Buckeye Bob

For the individual small engine equipment owner, about the only source for single item purchases will be the nearest retail small engine repair shop. Check the phone book in your area.

Doing this kind of local retail purchasing of parts often is a far better method. You have the benefit of a local shop owner or counter parts person whom, for the most part, offers great advice, trouble shooting and problem solving answers.

Buying from the local store owner also offers you the added benefit of knowing they will be ordering exactly what part/parts to order but also knowing it is the correct part/parts when it arrives at the store! This can save you hours of wasted time and aggravation. They most likely already have what you need in stock.

There may be a list of local dealers and or phone numbers to call listed in the owners manual that came with the equipment.

Should online parts purchasing be your preferred method, you may want to use a search engine browser on your computer and local the web site for the engine brand.

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For maintenance items such as plugs, filters and the like, stores like Sears, Home Depot and many auto stores like Napa carry these items. Many are common (say in the case of a J19LM Champion spark plug, which fits many B&S single cylinder engines for example). Napa and other can order the carb rebuilding kits as well.

Sears can order most brands of parts and ship them to your door. They have good online catalogs for Sears branded product if you have the model #. Go to their website. They also brag to have/be able to get parts for most major brands.

As Tom stated, it is generally good to deal with a local small engine dealer in town. They usually get the factory updated parts and literature and get the parts quickly. It is typically the only place to order model specific parts (say a wheel, a handle, a label, etc). Some manufacturers do sell direct (check for an MTD website), but most refer you to authorized dealers.

I do it this way: For maintenance items, I chose the large retailers or my local auto parts store (I have a trade account with them). For model specific parts, I will try my local dealer and also try to order direct from the company. I would compare pricing and availability on larger, more expensive items.

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Okay, you guys convinced me. I'm going to call a local shop I found in the paper Yellow Pages. Thanks.

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