11hp B&S, Won't start for love nor money, PLEASE HELP!!


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SHE'S ALIVE............SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutle tremendous news chaps!!! She's up and running!!!!!

i took your advice and drained the gasy oil and put new oil in. I then tried to start but again it was just the same problem of not starting! So I then draind the new oil and left her over night to 'air out' any gas left in. I then filled it with new oil for a second time, tried to start it and she fired right up!!!

I have ran it for about 20 minutes and took her for a spin around the farm, all gears work aswel which is an absolute bonus!!

Definitly needs a few adjustments however!! She is incredibly loud, but I suppose that is because it is near on 30 years old! The carb also smokes a lot! Not sure if this is normal? I haven't put the air filter back on yet so maybe this will affect the noise and the carb smoke?

also, how do I fine tune it, in regards to where the high speed needle should be and the throttle idle screw??

Really can't thank you guys enough!! Without your help and advice, I would not have ever got this thing running!!
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Great! The smoke coming from the carb is probably blowby. It's an old engine. With the air filter back on, you won't see it as much and some noise will be reduced.

Adjust the high speed needle while the engine is at full speed. Turn it in until the engine begins to die, then back it out until it runs good and keep going until it begins to stumble, counting the turns as you go. Divide that number of turns by two and turn it back in that many turns.

Set the low speed screw (the one going straight down into the top of the carb) with the engine at idle. Usually somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 full turns out from lightly seated is just right.
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Great stuff!! Will get on that tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

got so excited that it had started that I forgot to put gas in it! It took me a good 20 minutes to realise why it would not start!! I thought it was up to its old tricks again!!

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