gas oil mixtures


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gas oil mixtures

I know there has been a lot of posts on this subject, is there a general gas to oil mixture that will work for all 2 cycle engines? Some of my equipment is 50:1 some is 32:1 etc.

I am thinking of making a mixture of 32:1 and use it for all, versus having several gas cans with different mixtures.

I have also seen premixed gas & oil in small cans at my local small engine shop that is suppose to last up to 2 years, I wonder what ratio they use and is it any good?

Thank You
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There are types of oil that claim to be universal mix and some people have reported good results.

In my really depends on the equipment. When I ran 3 barracks on an Army base..we had multiple Pro quality 2 cycle tools including chain saws, trimmers, and edgers. Some worked ok on the universal mix....some did not.

I also found that my home use Ryobi weedwacker did not like ANY other oil other than Ryobi. I tried Sears oil I had for my blower and it was dirty and hard to start. I tried a generic 2 cycle oil at the right mix with the same results on the wacker/edger...but the blower worked just fine.
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After my last Sthil had an early death, I'm leery of both the universal oil and ethanol. I no longer use either. My little Poulan saw is 40:1 and my big Husqvarna is 50:1 I started out using the 40:1 in both but the husqvarna is so thirsty, I bought an extra jug and now run the correct amount in both.
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I'm a believer in Stihl HP Ultra oil and I use one blend ratio for all my equipment. The big drawback is that the oil is more expensive than most but since you don't need much it's not a big deal. I'm also not fond of the smell when it burns. It's not overly bad but just does not have the normal 2 cycle smell I grew up with.
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You can use a quality synthetic oil mixed at 50:1 in non ethanol gas in pretty much all 2 stroke equipment. Manufacturers won't all agree on this, and not all people will agree with this either, but I recall seeing tests done at 50:1 and even leaner with good results. I want to say "The Tow Guy" who is a moderator in another forum here was part of that test, but I can't say for sure.

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