Input for Yard Machines 5.5 hp/ 24 Snow Blower that Has Not Run For 2 Yrs


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Input for Yard Machines 5.5 hp/ 24 Snow Blower that Has Not Run For 2 Yrs

I took a chance bought 8 year old Yard Machines/MTD 5.5 hp/ 24 inch snow blower that would not start, since the price was right and basically it was in pretty good shape. It is model 31AS6BEE700 w/ Tec Snow-King 5.5 hp H195SP- 67514D DOM 05315CE0026 . I would like to get input on maintenance or known issues for this model blower and engine. Since I did get it running easily, I'll probably keep it unless it won't make decent power or there are know issues that make blower a problem child.

It has not run for the past two years and had a 2 year old shop service due date tag on it. I changed out the old fuel for fresh fuel, and a small shot of carb cleaner in the spark plug hole got it running quickly. I think the carb float needle was stuck and of course, the fuel was old. The engine starts easy, runs and sounds great through the rev range and will easily go up my inclined driveway. But I have not blown snow to put a load on it so, I won't know how this blower will really work until next season. It was stored outside, but some water got to the exterior through the leaking cover.

So far I have changed the oil, added fresh gas, and adjusted cable slack. I plan to replace the plug.

Should the carb be cleaned and rebuilt/kitted or just run some carb cleaner through it?

Both the drive and auger belts look in good shape and not frayed or cracked. Should the belts be replaced given the age?

To adjust the belt tension the factory manual says to adjust the cables to have a small amount slack. Is there a more accurate method to use belt deflection at the pulley?
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Sorry, I have never worked on and not sure I've ever even seen a snowblower in person. I'd say if the carb is running well and not leaking, leave it be.
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When you put it up for the summer, put a little sea foam or any other carb cleaner in the tank, if you haven't already done it, and run it a few mins, to get it into the carb etc, then drain the tank, and run the engine to use up the gas in the carb, and next winter it will start on the first or second pull,no sweat.
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I think the carburetor should be thoroughly cleaned. If you see varnish or flakes anywhere I would also clean the inside of the fuel tank and replace the fuel lines.
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Yeah their probably hard as a rock anyway.

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