Synthetic Oil in Small Engines


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One of my local Lawn/Garden power equipment dealers recently recommended that I use Mobil 1 Synthetic oil in a Chipper with an 8 HP Briggs/Stratton on it? Has anyone ever used this in a small engine - opinions ??
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t582041, I run synthetic racing oil in 5 hp Briggs that have been highly modified to say the least and a slight edge is gained but it is due to the oil being a very thin viscosity. I have the synthetic in several engines, Briggs, Tecumsehs and Hondas, that are on my yard and other machines and see no real gain in protection. I do mean a standard weight not the thin racing oil. I personaly feel that a well maintained engine used in a stock application will run as long and as well without going to synthetic...Mike
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I fully agree with Mike. Couldn't have stated it better myself. Nor in as few words as he has either...hahaha
I do tend to get carried away...

I do not even use a synthetic oil in any of my personal vehicles. I know of no reason to. Opinions vary and I am sure many others will differ from mine.

Keep the regular oil changed, use the correct weight oil and perform all the other maintenance as per manufacturers recommendations and the engine will last just as long and run just as well.
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I own two "performance cars" (Pontiac Trans Ams) I run them on regular oil. I use whatever's on sale (but must be a reliable brand and exceed the API classifications for the engine, which they all do by a landslide).

Synthetic is good in some applications, but frankly, for a small engine, I think the costs outweigh the benefits.

If you are bent on trying synthetic, you might want to try Dura Blend by Valvoline (partially synthetic).

I change the oil in my yard machines once a season (equates to about 25 hours or so) and keep them cleaned and tuned. No problems. Even the lawn mower I recycled from my neighbor's garbage works like a charm with a little TLC every year .


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