Craftsman Tractor/Mower Very Difficult to Steer


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Craftsman Tractor/Mower Very Difficult to Steer

I searched the other threads on steering and I don't think anyone has asked this before.
I have a Craftsman Tractor/Mower (model #917276810). The steering has become really difficult to turn. I have disconnected the steering link rod from the left front wheel bracket and both wheels move easily.

I don't think it is an issue with the gear teeth on either the sector gear or the teeth on the steering shaft. These are not in perfect shape but there is no slipping of the gear teeth despite it taking a lot of force to turn the steering wheel. Removing all of the steering staff leaves me with just the sector gear, which I would think would move pretty freely. But it is almost frozen up, as I cannot move the arm below the gear or the steering linkage by hand.

Before I order a sector gear replacement, I thought I would see if anyone had any other ideas as to what could cause it to freeze up.
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It's just rusted or caked with dust in the bushing area. Soak it with PB blaster and work it, then soak some more and work it until it works free.
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Once you are able to get the arm to move, spray with a lubricant, white lithium grease, this way it will not freeze up again.

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