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Battery cables - John Deere

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04-16-13, 04:37 PM   #1  
Battery cables - John Deere


I have a "Scott's", built by John Deere, 17hp riding lawn mower. The 'Positive' battery connection has oxidized the first 1/2" right on the eye and is really screwing up starting.

Battery is good.....12.35 on my meter.

It is a top post Lawn and Garden battery with the wire having an 'eye' at the end and being attached through the top post hole with a bolt.

The 'eye' and the bolt are either copper or brass....don't know which, but not steel like the Negative.

Does anyone know whether these are copper or brass? And to avoid them oxidizing again should I just get a steel 'eye' and a steel bolt to re-fasten the Positive to the battery?

Any insight is appreciated.



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04-16-13, 05:50 PM   #2  
Go to any auto parts store and buy a set of battery terminal bolts, of the proper size. They are made to resist corroding. Yopu should clean up the terminals occasionally with an old tooth brush and baking soda. Make a paste and scrub the terminals, rinsing with water.


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04-16-13, 07:24 PM   #3  
The battery cable end is made of copper and most are plated with zinc or something similar. The negative one is as well. Any mower shop should have a replacement end so you can cut off the old one, strip back the cable, and replace it. I like to use stainless steel bolts on the battery.

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04-17-13, 09:35 AM   #4  
Thanks for your replies!


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04-17-13, 10:02 AM   #5  
While you are at the auto parts store, there is also a red spray that you can buy for the posts. I seldom use it on my trucks or cars, but do use it on the lawn mower, tractor, Bobcat, and like that, and think that it helps. As was explained to me one time, one of the reasons that top post batteries corrode more than side post ones is that the gas can leak between the post and case, and if that is in fact one of the reasons, it seems to me that it would be more common on lawnmowers and such, due to the fact that they have shorter wheelbases and no suspension to speak of, so tend to bounce around more. Possibly hearsay, but, as I said, from what I have seen on my lawn mowers, tractors, etc., I think that it helps.

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