How interchangeable are Tecumseh carburetors?

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How interchangeable are Tecumseh carburetors?

How interchangeable are Tecumseh carburetors?

I have a bunch of questions to ask, but the most important one is; how interchangeable are Tecumseh carburetors?

I have a Ariens RM 626 riding lawnmower, about 30 - 35 or so years old, with a Tecumseh 6 hp vertical shaft engine. It is a V60-70359J. I think that's the carburetor number but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's a four stroke 6 hp Tecumseh engine. I'm having trouble with the carburetor.

So I'm wondering? Can I just change out the carburetor was another 6 hp Tecumseh carburetor or is it not that simple?

Sears has an original replacement for around $90. I don't want to pay that much. This lawnmower was my father-in-law's (deceased) and hasn't been used in about 20 years, my lawn is not big enough to use it, plus it's only a 6 hp lawnmower. My walk behind lawnmower has a 6 hp engine so we are not talking about a lot of power here.

So here's what I've done so far.

First thing I checked for was a spark, which it had. Then I sprayed a little gasoline in the carburetor they came to life for a second, so I knew I had spark, compression. I chanhed the oil, but I used 5w-30. Is that too thin for spring/summer?

Then I rebuilt the carburetor. When I put the carburetor back on and it ran smoothly after I adjusted the high and low speed needles. Only problem, it leaked gasoline from the carburetor. So, I took the carburetor apart and replaced the bowl with a spare from a carb I picked up on Ebay, since it had a dent in it and put it back together.

First, it ran for about half an hour and then died. Then, after using the electric start for about 20 minutes, it fired up, ran for about 10 minutes and then died. Each time it rans for less and less time before it died.

So now it'll just spin with the electric starter and almost start.

So, I'm just wondering if I could pick up another carburetor and swap it out. The old one is really in need of replacement, because even though it worked, the throttle shaft and the choke shafts are really worn. The shafts are worn as well as the holes in the carburetor that hold the shafts. Really sloppy fit so I'm sure I need to run it rich to make up for all the extra air being sucked in. So I really need a replacement.

I know I'm rambling on here, please forgive me.

Now to really add insult to injury, I ran out of starter fluid to get it going, so I used brake cleaner in a spray can instead of starter fluid. That's when I really started having my problems. Did I melt everything inside by using the brake cleaner as a starter fluid?

Anyway, I need to replace the carburetor. All the numbers I have for the lawnmower and the carburetor are:

Ariens RM 626 riding mower.
6 hp 26" wide cut.
Model # 927002, SN# 003961.

Tecumseh 6 hp vertical shaft, V60-7359J, carb # 631444, or the newer #631800A. On the carb body is stamped 263 9C7, and on the casting itself is 132 near the low speed idle screw.

So my situation is, I don't want to spend $100 to fix up a $75 lawnmower. If I have to spend $30/$40 for a carburetor that I could Mickey Mouse to fit, I don't mind. I just don't want to toss out the mower. I'd prefer to get rid of it for just what I put into it, which at this point is about $20.

So back to my original question, how interchangeable are the carburetors for this Tecumseh engine? I see some on Amazon for about $30 but they have a primer bulb and a manual choke. Mine has both throttle and choke controlled by a single cable.

As I said, I'm sorry for rambling on, but I've been looking for a small engine repair forum to ask these questions.

So anyone please, feel free to yell at me for using brake cleaner as starter fluid, feel free to throw any advice my way.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

I apologize for any grammatical errors because I'm using a voice recognition software (Dragon naturally speaking 12) and you really have to keep an eye on what it's typing.

And, if this is not the appropriate forum for these questions, feel free to direct me to the correct one. Thank you.
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It's a question that most of us probably can't really answer, because we don't usually take carbs from different engines and see if they will work. However, if you are going to try this, Tecumseh carbs are probably the best ones to try it with. Tecumseh carbs often have similar connections for linkages, similar bolt patterns for mounting, and similar construction, so there is a good chance that you will find a different one that will fit, and if it's off of a similar sized engine, it will probably work. Even one with a primer instead of a choke may fit and work well. I'd be inclined to peruse the carbs on ebay for one with the same connections from a similar sized engine and give it a try if I were going to do it.
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Cheese, thanks for the reply. I'll take a chance and try the Ebay suggestion.
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Hello Jerry,

By the sound of it, It's possible the brake cleaner has broken loose old carbon that was built up on the head/piston and valves. This carbon can get stuck under the valve seats and cause low compression, This could account for the running less time the more you tried.

I would suggest a compression test to see where it's at, As a general rule of thumb from experience 50 lbs or less is no start on regular fuel, 60 lbs one will be harder than normal to start but will continue running but with low power. 90+ pounds is the ideal number. You may be looking at removing the head and cleaning the valve seats....

Good Luck
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Wow, that really sounds like my situation. I'll check the compression but it is now putting out so much dark exhaust that I thought that it might be oil because of the 5w-30 in it now. But loose carbon sounds more logical. Doesn't really smell like oil and its not really blue like oil smoke, just dark like when (40 years ago) you would clean out the carbon from your auto engine by flooring it for a quarter mile or so. Resulting in lots of black smoke from the exhaust.

So with the Tecumeh I would get dark exhaust and say, it's too rich, then lean it up, then need to go back to rich again.

I'll start with the compression.

Thanks for the reply.

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