Pressure Washer self-destructed.


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Pressure Washer self-destructed.

I went to use my BE pressure washer yesterday, but as soon as I turned the water on, before starting the engine, some pieces flew off.

My manual doesn't indicate what these parts are and what they do. I suppose there was still water inside when I drained it last fall, and that is what caused this problem.

Based on the photos, can someone let me know what these parts do? Can I repair this somehow?

I emailed the manufacturer, but no response so far.
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That's a pressure relief valve. It can be replaced. You'll need to know you make and model.
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Near as I can tell that's the suction port for injecting detergent or cleaner into the pressure stream. Not sure, but I would think the remaining part could be removed and the port capped off, if you never use a detergent (I never have on mine). One of the small engine pros should be a long with more guidance.
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Cheese to the rescue! Got in just ahead of my post. And I realized the clear tubing nearby is probably the suction port.
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Ya, the bottom pic tells it all

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