&*^&#$ pressure washer!!!


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&*^&#$ pressure washer!!!

I took my 2 year old pressure washer out of shed- I guess I did not get ALL the gas out from last year- so I had to clean some gunk out of carb- I cleaned carb up and now new gas flows into the carb float etc- Still wont start- So i remove plug (it's getting spark)- pour some fuel directly in hole- She then starts for 5 seconds and dies..... it's like she gets fuel initially (since it's in the cylinder) but then I don't think the fuel is getting into the chamber from the carb- What else can I check??
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It would be plugged in side the carb. Dump all the gas out of the tank and replace it with about two quarts of gasoline mixed with four ounces of Sea Foam (from auto parts store or Walmarts).

Then with full choke and the gas turned on to the carb, spin it over about ten times. It won't start then, but let it sit for about an hour.

Then do the thing you did with the gas down the plug hole and half choke, half throttle. The Sea Foam will open it up inside the carb and it should keep running for you.

If you get it running off the tank gas, let it run for about ten minutes, then fill the tank on up with straight gasoline.
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Post the engine mfg, model, type and codes so we can determine what carb it has so we can tell you how to fix it. Have a good one. Geo
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The screw that holds the bowl of the carb is a jet that lets gas under suction into the engine. You can see several larger size hole in the jet but above the threads, there is a micro hole that you can barely fit a pin needle through. This is probably clogged by gunk and is preventing a good flow of fuel to the engine. Find a magnifying glass, pull the screw and search for the hole. Worked for me, and mine was acting the same as yours. Gotta love ethanol, biggest boom to the small engine mechanic and small engine manufacturers short of the sorry folks who happen to own boats.....

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