Chinese chainsaw won't start

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Chinese chainsaw won't start

Hello All,

Ok, so you will be thinking that the title is no surprise.

But my father-in-law has asked me to look at his XYGC450 chainsaw. It is a couple of years old but with virtually no use. It was always hard to start but now won't go at all.


It seems to have good compression. I remove the plug and it looks like new inside the engine. I connected the plug and let it sit on the cylinder fins while I cranked it over and saw a spark. I put a small amount of fuel down the plug hole and reinstalled the plug. I would usually expect to get a kick if I did this with any other engine - but absolutely nothing with this one.

Are there any other tricks I can try to help narrow down the problem before I dismantle it and it becomes yet another 'project' sitting in a box in the corner of my garage?
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The biggest reason a small engine will not start is a dirty carburetor. Even a new one could have some kind of debris that is causing issues. Did it run OK before when you did get it started? How did you start it before?

Did you prime>full choke>pull until tries to start>half choke>pull until it starts and run for a bit> Choke off and run?

When you put the gas in and it didn't start did you pull the plug and look at it? If so was it wet? A plug will not spark if it is wet.

Dry off the plug and cylinder, and try putting a little starting fluid (or gas) in the carburetor and see if it will start.

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