poulon 18ho b and s engine mower


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poulon 18ho b and s engine mower

Re-built carb (Nikki). Next, oil dipstick showed no oil. I inadvertently overfilled.
Flywheel turns intermittently. Took carb and breather assembly off. When turn ignition, oil based fluid is discharged out of the breather connection point on the engine block.

Went to drain oil at drain valve...none drained. Do I need to drain the engine? If so, where? Can I repeatedly engage the ignition until until no further oil is ejected from engine block?

Did I potentially cause further damage? Thoughts

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No oil on dipstick = potential damage

Intermittent turning of the engine = either the overfill of the crankcase with oil or the rod bearing is seizing on the crank = major damage.

If no oil will come out of the drain, try removing the drain **** or running a wire through the opening of it to see if you can get oil out of it. You need to get the oil level down to its full level on the dipstick.

Once you get that done, take out the spark plug and spin the engine over until all oil is discharged from the spark plug hole, assuming it has some.

Then try starting it. It will smoke a lot, but that will burn off as it runs for a period of time. After smoking stops, check the oil level again.

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