Honda Power Plant


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Honda Power Plant

400 watt generator, Honda Engine GE400-1020068.

Plant is several years old and used to be easy to start. It was in storage for 3-4 years. In getting it ready to be used again, I added a some motor oil into the spark plug hole, cleaned the plug, added gasoline (it had been run dry before) .

On the first attempt to start it, it seemed to start, and smoke a bit, not surprising with the oil in the cylinder. It only ran for a few seconds and died.

On subsequent attempts it was apparently getting too much fuel as it would drip from the air inlet. I removed the b carb, removed the float and check valve, the jets I could find and blew it out with air.

Reassembled and installed, No more dripping fuel.

Bad symptom. When trying to start with to much fuel, it seemed to backfiere frequently, and even lit a small fire in the air cleaner case, (filter was removed.)

Now it still seems to backfire but less noisily.


What likely problem is there?

Sticky valve(s)? If so, can I get into them from the side or do I have to remove the head?
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Welcome to the forums.

400 watts...... that is a real power house.

Check your plug for fouling now with the oil.

It doesn't sound like a valve problem. More like a carb problem still.

You'd need a compression gauge to confirm any valve issue.
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I'd remover the carburetor again and this time take it complety apart and clean it with carburetor cleaner.

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