snowblower storage time again


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snowblower storage time again

I'm getting ready to store the snow blower again for the season. Last year I got some aviation fuel, per advice this forum, and put it in the tank and ran it a little so it'd be in the carb during storage. So I still have some of that same aviation gas from last year and was wondering if it's probably still perfectly usable/acceptable to do the same thing with all over again, or it the aviation gas probably too old because it was from last year?.For reference, here's a link to the thread I started from the past, in which the advice to use aviation fuel was given.
Any comments/advice appreciated! thanks

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With my snowblower I drain the gas tank and run the tank and the carb out of gas. If you want to store gas in the tank.....add some kind of stabilizer but still shut off the fuel supply to the carb and run it dry.

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