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I replaced the friction wheel on my snow thrower and cleaned the carb. Somehow I moved the governor I think and now it will not run under load. Can anybody help me before it snows again.
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Not sure I understand what you mean by cleaned the carb? Did you physically remove it?

If you removed the carb it's possible the linkage is either installed bakwards or in the wrong hole on the carb or linkage rod.

The gov linkage rod has a spring on it, the spring end goes on the gov link rod side. The link also has to be placed in the correct hole in the rotating throttle plate on top of the carb body.

Best idea is to stop and rethink how it came apart. Another method is to look for waremarks on the gov linkage rod attached to the side of the engine and also on the plate on the top of the carb.

Looking for ware marks is a good idea in most cases. If the gov linkage is a slider rod type, looking for those worn ware marks is a great method.

To anyone reading this post. A scribe mark on a metal part and a paint mark on non metal parts is an Excellent method to help remember exactly where a part goes prior to removing it.

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