fuel line gger th


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fuel line gger th

I hhave a weed eater xt 20t that I'v been tryingto replace the fuel linhttp://www.doityourself.com/forum/cars-suvs-trucks-rvs-boats-gasoline-outdoor-power-equipment-91/e on with no luck. I'v taken off the carb to mske itasyer tro get to the hole in the tank. trimmed lineto push through the holetryed to grab lininside tank with hemostats. line comes up in tank where it is barely reachable. Out of ideas.Line has to be biggrer thqn hole int tnk so it won't leak.Timmer line will go through holeand i can re treive it.i epoxyed line to hose maybe that will work sorry can't type to good left hand numbness
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If you new fuel line is extremely large it will not go into that hole. Get some line close to the same size that came out of it. DO NOT EXPOXY THEM IN!!!! If you will cut the line at an angle and put some WD 40 on the line and twist it as you press it into the hole it will go, then when you get enough in the tank pull it with a pair of needle nose pliers, and pull it out of tank filler neck and put the filter on, then pull it back into the tank leaving enough so you can connect it to carburetor, do the same for return line if it has one. Good luck
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Left hand numbness accounts for the inaccuracies. Gowitheflo, have you removed the tank? I know you said you removed the carb. I find it often necessary to remove the tank, run an extra long section of tubing from the carb to the tank area, fish it in, the cut the hose at the filler neck and attach the filter, dropping it into the tank. Not sure if that would work or not. Maybe a pix or two would help us figure it out for you.
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Go the other direction, you need a piece of small stiff wire like a straightened paperclip to use as a guide, cut the fuel line at a thin angle, insert the wire through the fuel line hole in the tank, now going through the fuel cap hole thread the fuel line over the wire to guide the fuel line to the hole, now work it until the angled tip of the fuel line is sticking out of the tank, grab it with some pliers and pull it through. Have a good one. Geo

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